Where Can I Sell Paintings in Johannesburg?

South Africa has a very rich art history, with the likes of Irma Stern, Hugo Naude, and Errol Boyley having worked their magic to afford the country a reputation comparable with the late greats of contemporary and fine art around the world. It is this reputation that ensures the consistency of production and appreciation of art, and it also explains why there is always such a high demand for artworks relating to the South African old Masters. If you find yourself in the envious position of owning a sought-after piece that you have no interest in holding onto, bear in mind that selling art need not by an intimidating process only intended for the elite. Anyone can make a success of it by simply adhering to a few simple points defined in this article.

Getting Cash for Art

Now that you’ve decided to sell your art, you face the seemingly daunting task of not getting ripped off. Do not fear. Below we’ve listed a few solid guidelines to help you through the process:

  • Do your research
    • First things first—who painted your particular work of art? Having a list of old masters, handy wouldn’t hurt here. If the name on your piece matches any one of those on the list, you are the fortunate owner of a Master. This immediately impacts the price range of your painting.
  • Appraise your painting
    • A professional appraisal will give you an accurate value for your painting. Knowing the cost will influence where you can sell the piece and to whom. More high-end artworks often go over best with private collectors or established art buying businesses.
  • Get listed
    • Now that you know what your painting is worth, you can begin the process of finding a buyer. List the painting on relevant websites that will garner the attention from private buyers or art buying businesses.

It’s important to remember that if you’re handling a valuable piece of art, it’s never going to be enough to place an online ad, or walk into your first best art shop. You’d be doing yourself a huge favour by taking the time to know your product, and then seeking the right channels through which to sell it, because the appreciation of art is not only in the buying but achieved through appropriate selling too.

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