Strauss Art Auctioneers – Sell Art Online

Strauss Art Auctioneers is the leading auction house for fine art in South Africa. The name is often heard together with quality artworks and impeccable service. There are four live auctions held annually—two in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg. More recently, online auctions have been added to the repertoire, and are becoming increasingly popular among people who are interested in selling art online. Strauss & Co was the first South African art auction house to have an online auction that featured top names in the industry. Today there are on average four online auctions a year, giving those buying art a convenient, safe, and affordable option to expanding their collections.

Services Provided when Selling Art

  • Valuations: Professional appraisals are provided for large collections or single items. In-depth descriptions of every item appraised is given to the seller in these instances.
  • Sale Management: Every aspect of the sale of art is managed professionally and its entirety by industry experts, ensuring the seller a valued experience from start to finish.
  • Estimates: Should you wish to put your artworks up for auction, Strauss Art Auctioneers provides an estimate of what the collection might reach in the auction.

Benefits to Selling Art Online

As much fun as galleries and craft shows can be, with the expansive reach of the internet, and particularly online sales consistently growing with each passing year, it’s obvious that there could definitely be an art to selling art online. Let’s look at a few advantages to this alternative…

  • Expanded Borders – there are no limits of who you can reach. Our live auctions have to be attended in either Cape Town or Johannesburg, while an online auction allows a buyer to snap up a Walter Battiss or JH Pierneef from practically anywhere!
  • Instant Target Audience – only those interested in buying art will show up at an online auction. So not only are you reaching more people, but the people are more interested, focuses almost, as opposed to a more general situation of a craft show or shared gallery showing.
  • Convenience – you don’t have to risk damage to your valuable pieces by moving them to the location of the sale, simply upload good quality pictures and you’re set.
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