Who Buys Art Online?

Aficionado. Connoisseur. Collector.

Art lovers go by many names, and with the far-reaching impact of the internet and online shopping, buying art has become simple, convenient, and stress-free. Now you can be the proud owner of sought after works by renowned artists, like JH Pierneef and Irma Stern. South African old Masters are no longer untouchable, on pedestals in hard-to-come-by galleries, where only the elite can lay eyes on them and buy them. No, the world of fine art has blown wide open and now every art lover can purchase their heart’s desire online.

Fitting the profile

If you think about it, online shopping is characterized by people who want things, but don’t have the time or inclination to go out and get them. Working moms, businessmen, varsity students… this profile fits just about everyone. The ease and convenience provided by shopping online, by having your purchases packaged and delivered right to where you are, it’s an attractive prospect that has taken the art world by storm.

Trotting around the globe in search of elusive artworks can be all sorts of fun, sure, but so is being able to splurge on several more pieces because of the money you saved since you didn’t have to travel around the world for them! This is part of the profile then too—people looking to save time and money.

Do you fit the profile?

If you consider yourself to be part of the ever-growing number of people who want to save time and money, and have the added convenience of shopping whenever you feel like it, wearing whatever you feel like, sitting wherever you are comfortable AND have your purchase dropped at your doorstep, then it’s a resounding yes. You definitely fit the profile of someone inclined to buying art online.

This is how easy it is:

  • Browse for pieces of fine art that might interest you. Notice their value.
  • Find a reputable auction house that specializes in the kind of art you are interested in.
  • Register as a buyer.
  • Attend a live online auction.
  • Bid!
  • If you win the bid, the auction house manages the entire sale for you right to the point of delivery.

And all this without even leaving the couch. What could be better?

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