Sell Paintings Online in Johannesburg

Budding artists can really benefit from the expansive reach of the internet and in particular, the consistently growing popularity of online shopping. No longer do you have to trudge from gallery to craft show, wielding your wares and hoping someone would be interested enough to purchase a piece from you. Your dreams of being a fine art master like the greats that came before you—Walter Battiss, Marrie Vermeulen Breedts, Nils Anderson—these dreams need not fall to the gutter and wilt away. Selling art online is not only an easily learned skill, but it’s also the most convenient way to get cash for art.

And no, we’re not talking about placing a free ad on a free bric-a-brac site that may or may not get any views. There is a way to go about this, and you will want to do it because it’s the way that will get you the best results in the least amount of time…

Online auctions.

The great thing about online art auctions is that they’re not just about cash for art. Whatever transpires in an auction has an impact on the artists involved. For instance, if you are selling a painting and it is grouped with other significant pieces in a lot, let’s call it Up-and-Comers in South Africa, and this lot goes for a high price… Well, your name will immediately be earmarked for future reference. Instantly, every one of the artworks you sell after that will be of higher value than the first one. This is how you can use the world of online art auctions to your benefit.

First steps…

  • Look at online auction houses that specialize in your type of art.
  • Check their past catalogues, what their highest sold painting was, and the lowest.
  • Pay attention to whether they are in the habit of taking on new artists, and whether they manage to sell their work at all. These are the houses you should be approaching. It’s no use going to the biggest name in the industry, but they refuse you because you are unknown, or take you on but can’t sell your work.

The initial steps to selling art online are basic ones that are necessary to ensure your protection in the process. Once you have that out of the way, the world will quite literally be your oyster!

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