Sell Art Online Auction South Africa

Let’s say you have been fortunate enough to inherit some beautiful fine art pieces. Perhaps even valuable pieces from South African old Masters, like Walter Battiss and JH Pierneef. Let’s also say that you are not exactly the arty type, and that although you can appreciate it, you are of the inclination to sell. Where would you begin? The art world can be a rather intimidating one if you have no knowledge of it, but thankfully there are tried and tested ways to navigating this world that will benefit you. In this article we will look at selling art online, and how you can make the most of the experience.

How online auctions work

Buying art is an intricate process, and online auctions are extremely competitive, with private collectors and big-name businesses going head-to-head for sought after pieces. In South African auctions, Masters like Adriaan Boshoff, Otto Klar, and Frans Oerder can cause quite a stir. It can all be rather nerve wracking if you don’t prepare yourself beforehand. We’ve listed a few points below to shed some light on the matter.

  • You will need to register your artworks to be sold
  • Your collection will be appraised and a value will be attached
  • An estimate will then be given, including a lowest and highest value, that your lot might sell for
  • Once the auction goes live, a running time is placed on the sale of your art
  • People are free to place bids online in keeping with the pre-determined range
  • Once the time runs out, the highest bidder becomes the new owner of your art

In closing…

Selling art through an online auction has several advantages for the seller. For one, it’s very convenient in that you don’t have to transport the pieces around, risking damage every time they are moved. You also have all interested parties in one place, and all would have been vetted by the auction house in question. Most auction houses offer full package services that include appraisals of your art, handling the auction, and closing the transaction for you. This makes it extremely convenient as a seller. All you have to do is basically list your art, sit back and relax.

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